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Wolf Running

a street-hustle ghost story volumes one & two a novel by
Nap Elezarian

One night, Héctor witnesses a many-legged creature churning through the murky gardens of his tenement rooftop. An unrelenting quest to become a part of this glorious monster will lure Héctor into the company of a basement magician, make a bitter enemy of his closest friend, and finally place him at the nose of a pack of roof runners.

It’s been half a century since the old NYC got its divorce from unincorporated America and began its transformation into New Empire City. Workers’ riots and tropical storms have shaken its concrete and bricks, yet ECity is still the emblem of the autonomous economic zones. For a world power, it’s home to strangely isolated communities that have given birth to trance runners and sacred dance cults—neighborhoods where the wolf is rarely seen but never far away.

all words! pictures © nap elezarian 2012

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